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At KIA, Dutch firm to ‘waste’ nothing

NexusNovus wins contract to set up integrated solid waste management plant at The Netherlands-based firm NexusNovus has won the contract to set up an integrated solid waste management centre at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) in the City. With many unique features, the plant may emerge…

NexusNovus wins BIAL tender for waste management

We are thrilled to announce that we won the Bengaluru International Airport (BIAL) tender our waste processing plant. Our unique approach made us the winner: a fully circular, self-sustaining waste management plant. So, the next time you travel, remember that your waste will be processed…

(Sustainable) waste management practices in India

An overview of waste management practices in various states, regions, and cities in India with regard to sustainability, effectiveness, and financial-techno scalability.

Business Case on a Waste to Energy plant in India

An analysis of India’s first large scale waste to energy plant in Delhi from technology, operation, and local acceptance perspectives.

Business Case on a Biogas plants in India

A business case of a failed project in Bangalore will be compared to successful newer projects that benefit from the SATAT scheme. The biogas industry for urban waste has been struggling for many years due to uncertainty in the policy framework, unstable revenues, and implementation…


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