Smart Waste Management Solutions
By NexusNovus

Smart Waste Management Solutions By Nexusnovus


NexusNovus has enabled project developers, technology companies and investors reach their targets in the Indian waste management sector since 2007.

Located strategically in Bangalore, NexusNovus specialises in combining technology, finance and deep industry knowledge, to add tremendous value and create solutions where once there was only waste. Through 12 years of experience, an expert team of specialists and a very strong network, empanelment with various ministries in India, we have been able to build an enviable track record of satisfied customers.
NexusNovus is your ideal business partner for spotting and seizing opportunities in the waste management segment in urban India.

Waste Crisis in India

India faces a colossal waste crisis due to lack of efficient waste management leading to significant social, health and environmental issues. As cities urbanize and citizens& adopt a more western lifestyle, the crisis only grows.

Several issues contribute to this such as the current (road) infrastructure cannot handle the logistics, local banks do not finance projects and, incineration, the default technology for most of the current or planned projects is & not adequate to process typical Indian waste.

Indian Waste Characteristics
Indian waste, dumped at the landfills,
consists of 60% organics,
20-30% combustibles,
10-20% inert materials like glass and a negligible amount
of recyclable materials like high-end plastics and metals.
Incineration Troubles vs Gasification

Indian waste has a very low caloric value due to the high levels of organic matter, which includes mostly water, and inert materials like sand. Sand and water do not combust well. Furthermore, the composition of Indian waste fluctuates dramatically on a day-to-day basis, making incineration even harder to control.

Waste processing plants struggle to run at 60-70% of their designed thermal output because of this, often requiring additional fuels like LPG or CNG to be expended. Incinerating Indian waste is like running a car on unrefined oil.

Our Solutions for Waste Management Projects

Fool proof

Indian and African waste is highly heterogenic and fluctuates drastically from day-to-day. Our systems are able to manage this heterogeneity and treat the two main energy carrying components independently by using a combination of sorting, gasification and biomethanization.


Every sub-system of the plant is modular, allowing us to build in phases and never to over-extend and run a plant on lower capacity, offering significant financial risk reduction options.

Future proof

The various modules can also be upgraded individually. Three consortia have been formed to tackle the biggest issues head on: "Thermal Solutions for combustibles" ,"Nutrient recovery and power generation for organic fractions" and "Simulation, AI/ML and IIoT implementation"

Risk reduced

The before mentioned strategies are pillars of our solution that allows us to drastically de-risk our projects, generating effectively an annuity model with steady returns.



Our Clients

Waste to Energy Projects

Investment opportunities

C urrently there are six projects for which NexusNovus has a concession, which represents more than 50MWh in renewable energy.

Request for Quotations

For various projects under development by NexusNovus, requests for quotations have been floated, for the latest see here.

News, Tenders and RfQs

(Sustainable) waste management practices in India
(Sustainable) waste management practices in India

An overview of waste management practices in India in various states, regions and cities in relation to sustainability, effectiveness and financial-techno scalability

Business Case on a Waste to Energy plant in India
Business Case on a Waste to Energy plant in India

Analysis of India’s first large scale waste to energy plant in Delhi from technology, operation and local acceptance perspectives.

Business Case on a Biogas plants in India
Business Case on a Biogas plants in India

The biogas industry for urban waste has been struggling for many years due to uncertainty in the policy framework, unstable revenues and implementation of older technology. A business case of a failed project in Bangalore will be compared to successful newer projects that benefit from…

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