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Sky is the limit for Mumbai Airport’s Version 2.0

An international-class airport in India does not describe the feeling. The new Mumbai airport is simply top-of-the-world and one-of-its-kind.

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India Pips China to Most Attractive Investment Destination

India is booming, and investments are pouring in, more into India than China. The Elephant has beaten back the Dragon. India, not China, is the most attractive investment destination, says a survey by Ernst & Young

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Harley Davidson finds its match in the Chief

Harley-Davidson fans watch out. The Chief just called. The Indian is back. In Delhi. From the US. In a new avatar. Call it Version 2.0. No wonder the automotive industry is all agog.

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Boom in India’s Waste Management: Cleantech’s Nirvana Moment

India’s freeing up its arms and looking up to clean energy. Indian clean tech’s moment of nirvana has arrived. Waste no more. Flip it and read: No more waste.

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Ladakh is the Land of Solar Power

Ladakh, the land of high passes; and will be famous in the near future as the land of solar power. India’s and the world’s largest solar power project will lord over Leh’s rising sun, with a capacity to generate 5,000 MW, beating the proposed 4,000 MW solar power project in Rajasthan.

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India levels playing field for Foreign Banks

In a dramatic change, the RBI chief plans to level the banking playing field for both Indian banks and foreign banks and treat them on par.

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